Weird Travel Stories + Video: Week Ending Jan. 3

This week: Happy New Year! Say goodbye and dig in.

Strange, Weird, Unusual or Just Plain Odd

Loyalty, what loyalty? Airline miles program changes in 2015 are characterized by the Los Angeles Times’ David Lazarus thusly: “By so blatantly favoring their wealthier customers and so obviously offering table scraps to everyone else, the airlines have made clear where different people stand in the pecking order.” The rich get richer.

Goodbye, AirTran: The airline made it’s last flight ever – to Tampa – on Dec. 28. Its merger with Southwest is now complete. We’ll miss you, buddy.

Best airline food: Best if you mean ‘healthy’ and the winner of the healthiest food (in the U.S.) was Virgin America followed by a tie for Delta and JetBlue (the latter’s kale and quinoa salad understandably came in for special mention). In last place: Hawaiian, but – who cares? You’re going to Hawaii!

More nut rage: The saga of the Korean Air Lines exec who made a plane return to its gate (so she could kick off a crew member for serving macadamia nuts improperly) just goes on and on. The latest update involves the arrest and detention of a government official who allegedly tried to tip off the airline to an investigation of the incident. Remember, this is all about a bag of nuts!

VIDEO: Best airline food from Buzz60. The very best meal is at the very end.


Updated: December 30, 2014