Weird Travel Stories + Video: Week Ending Jan. 24

This week: Scary video, plus Super Bowl #DeflateGate!

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Strange, Weird, Unusual or Just Plain Odd

Spirit’s latest zany ad: Coach Belichick may not find it all that ‘zany’ though; the ad shows a Colonial-garbed gentleman (get it – a Patriot?) holding a large, saggy football and the words, “Feeling deflated?” Spirit being Spirit can’t miss an opportunity for a little innuendo so the ad also says, “Hey, sometimes #shrinkage happens when it’s cold out. Absolutely nothing to be ashamed of (unless foul play is involved).” Your move, New England.

OUCH: Two years ago, man on a Southwest flight says he was clobbered by a falling piece of luggage that a flight attendant and the bag’s owner were vainly trying to stuff in an overhead bin. So now the guy’s suing – for $49,000. When’s the last time you saw a lawsuit that didn’t involve millions?

Deer hunt at airport: There were too many deer at the Sandpoint, Idaho airport reports the Wall Street Journal – creating a hazard for pilots there – so, last month, they held a ‘culling’ by archers. You know, hunters with bows and arrows. Total deer killed: Zero.

Helicopters vs. airport taxis: According to the NY Post, Gotham Air wants to begin offering something to the masses that had once been strictly the province of the rich: Helicopter rides to NY area airports, starting at $99. Have you priced a cab to JFK or Newark lately?

Super Bowl planes: Airlines are adding flights to Phoenix and if you’re lucky enough to get one, do this: 1.) Open wallet wide 2.) Extract massive amounts of cash. In other words, they ain’t cheap!

Frontier to outsource jobs: The Denver-based discount airline says it will outsource about 1,300 jobs; most of the affected employees are in Denver but Milwaukee’s being hit hard, too. No wonder Frontier execs have started using the “M” word (merger).

Scary landing: Hurrah to the skillful Flybe pilot who landed his plane in extreme winds at Leeds Bradford Airport in the U.K. late last week. Media reports pegged the winds at up to 100 mph but the pilot landed the plane safely. See the video below.

VIDEO: Ever see a plane land sideways?


Updated: January 23, 2015