Weird Travel Stories + Video: Week Ending Jan. 10

This week: Holidays are over but the fun continues.

Strange, Weird, Unusual or Just Plain Odd

Disney-linked health alert: Health officials say they’re seeing several cases of measles tied to visitors of California’s Disneyland and California Adventure Park. If you were there between Dec. 15-20 and have any symptoms (or any doubts or any questions), see your health care professional.

Don’t complain about the nuts: In the latest installment of the Nut Rage Scandal, the Korea Air exec who ordered a plane turned around due to a crew member’s improper nut service (the macadamias were left in the bag and not put on a plate) has now been indicted for violating South Korea’s aviation safety laws. According to media reports, if convicted she could face up to 15 years in jail.

Lost bags: Have you flown United into Denver lately? Did your bag get lost? You’re not alone!

Stuck on a plane: When fog hit Abu Dhabi, the Etihad plane couldn’t take off – so passengers waited. And waited. And waited. This went on for about 12 hours – with no food! Add in the flight time, and folks were stuck on the jet for a total of 28 hours (or so it’s alleged). See the video news story about the ordeal below.

Best airport amenities: Lot’s of cool airport goodies this year, like Philly’s virtual library and Indy’s customer service robot. We’d like to see lots of comfy seats and free food (oh, wait – they’ve got that already – it’s called a VIP lounge).

Delta passenger goes into labor: Which meant diverting the San Fran-Minneapolis flight to Salt Lake City where young Karl Peery was eventually born. The week before, a baby was born during a Southwest flight; in both instances, there were doctors on board to help. Maybe MDs should get discounted fares?

VIDEO: No, this wasn’t fun.


Updated: January 8, 2015