Weird Travel Stories + Video: Week Ending Feb. 7

This week: Berserk on a plane, berserk at the airport plus a cleverly disguised reference to a Kardashian.

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Strange, Weird, Unusual, Odd Travel Tales

Kanye vs. paparazzo: According to one report, Kanye West is dropping his “I was acting in self-defense” claim when he got into it with a photographer at Los Angeles International in 2013. He now says the shooter was purposely trying to provoke him, knowing that the rapper “did not like being questioned on video.” Sadly, video cameras seem to flock to Mr. West particularly when out with the missus.

Go, Cubs! American Airlines is proud to announce they are the official airline for the Chicago Cubs. For those keeping score (hah!) the team won its last World Series title 107 years ago.

TSA Airport of the Year: JFK? LAX? DFW? O’Hare? No, no, no and no. For its “exemplary customer focus and efficient operation while maintaining required security standards” all hail Sloulin Field International. If that doesn’t ring any bells, then you, my friend, haven’t been to Williston, North Dakota lately.

Berserk on a plane: That’s how TMZ described Paris Hilton’s younger brother’s behavior during an international flight last summer. Why is this news now? Because the 20 year old Conrad was just arrested or so says TMZ (it’s not clear what took so long). The lad reportedly used some colorful language during the incident; our favorite was a description of his fellow passengers as “[blanking] peasants.”

Great new amenity but not for you: Not if you don’t fly first or business class, that is. The new “retro amenity kit” for American Airlines top tier customers features little bags with logos of bygone carriers (PSA, Allegheny, TWA, etc.) and are filled with such things as eye masks, ear plugs, tooth brushes and more. Collect them all!

Singin’ in the Plane: During a flight delay on a US Airways flight, members of the Port City Sound serenaded passengers with a charming rendition of “Under the Boardwalk” and you can see and hear the video below.

Flight attendants punched: Per media reports, a screaming passenger assaulted two flight attendants on a US Airways flight just as it was pushing away from the gate in Charlotte. At this point, no one knows why but one of the flight attendants was taken off the plane on a stretcher with “serious injuries.” The passenger is said to be undergoing mental health evaluation.

San Jose airport breached – again: You’d think all those geniuses up in Silicon Valley could help their local airport figure out a way to keep people from jumping the fence or however they’re getting in since they arrested yet another trespasser over the weekend, the fourth security breach in less than a year. According to a news report, “the system worked” because the latest interloper was arrested. Hmm.

It’s war: And Seattle is winning, thanks to increased competition by Delta and Alaska for Seattle’s passengers. The airport now boasts it’s the fastest growing large hub airport in the U.S. and we won’t argue.

VIDEO: If your plane is delayed, we hope these guys are onboard.


Updated: February 6, 2015