Weird Travel Stories + Video: Week Ending Feb. 14

This week: An airline’s Valentine Day video (see below).

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Flowers and candy? C’mon, you can do better than that for Valentine’s Day. Why not give him/her/them a trip? Buy now, fly later. Check out the Deals Blog or see 20 great Spring Break destinations or a whole bunch of amazing international cities or maybe you want the best ski and snowboard destinations in the world. And, come to think of it, you can, uh, still give chocolate.

Frugal flyer of the year: A 63 year old woman flew from Minnesota to Florida with neither boarding pass nor ticket but she’s done it before and once even served time for such freeloading but nothing deters this fearless flyer. She also allegedly stayed in a $300 a night hotel room apparently without a credit card which is a pretty neat trick but she was ultimately arrested – again. “This has got to stop,” said a judge. Good luck with that.

Pit stop for pilot: An American pilot had to stop work in the middle of a flight the other night because he was about to go over his hours. So, the plane had to stop midway in Chicago where passengers and crew had an unplanned sleepover. Now, it’s true that the flight’s take-off in Boston was delayed – but wouldn’t you figure the pilot would have foreseen this and said, better get someone else?

Nose landing: Another American flight landed with its nose on the tarmac in Houston the other night, because its front landing gear didn’t deploy. No passengers were hurt, though they did have to exit the plane via emergency chute which may sound fun but isn’t.

Video proposals: WestJet surprises two couples with a free trip to Barbados where the guys propose to their one-and-onlys (well, we certainly hope they are). See the very sweet video below, which is almost as good as the airline’s Christmas video.

Headline of the day: “Don’t be naïve about airline surcharges” says Florida’s News-Press. We’re not, we just don’t like them.

Passengers snow trek: If you think being stuck on a plane is tough, passengers in Quincy, Mass. were stuck on a train for two hours then once rescuers arrived, had to trek through snow to get a bus.

More storm-delayed flights: If snow or stormy weather is messing with your flight, here’s what to do.

VIDEO: Watch these lovebirds pop-the-question at 4:18 and 5:35.


Updated: February 12, 2015