Weird Travel Stories + Video: Week Ending Dec. 27

This week: Winter’s here but these weird stories and video will warm you up.

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Happy Holidays: Whether you’re celebrating Christmas or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or the Winter Solstice or the New Year or anything, really – we hope you have a wonderful time.

Christmas chaos? Uh-oh. Watch out for bad weather Tuesday and Wednesday. If your flight is delayed or canceled, this information will help.

Bad baggage handler (allegedly): The FBI says it’s arrested a Delta ramp agent for trafficking in firearms at Atlanta’s airport. The man’s alleged partner-in-crime is a former agent, fired in 2010 for abusing the carrier’s ‘buddy pass’ benefits.

Don’t open the plane door: On Sunday, a first time flyer on China’s Xiamen Air opened the aircraft’s door just before take-off because he wanted “a little fresh air.” Another guy opened the door on another plane upon landing because he was “in a hurry.” The good news is, you can’t open an airplane door in flight.

Bob Hope isn’t laughing: They’re thinking of going back to the old name of the Los Angeles area’s Bob Hope Airport (named for the comedian back in 2003) in favor of “Hollywood-Burbank” because traffic has been flat and they figure the glitz of Hollywood (?!) will lure passengers.

Food fight: International soccer stars Lionel Messi and Didier Drogba star in a very witty video for Turkish Airlines about foods of the world; see it below (and see great deals from U.S. to Europe in the airline’s latest sale).

VIDEO: These rival athletes take one-upsmanship to a whole new level.


Updated: December 23, 2014