Weird Travel Stories + Video: Week Ending Dec. 20

This week: Nuts on planes, robots on planes, bumps on planes. Plus zippy video.

Strange, Weird, Unusual & Just Plain Odd

Summer Olympics: Maybe the U.S. will host an Olympics – maybe – but not for another ten years. The 2016 games will be played in Rio, 2020 in Tokyo but 2024 is up in the air. Four U.S. cities want it: Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. If you were King of Olympicville, where would you hold the 2024 games?

Bumpy flight is right: An American flight was hit with turbulence earlier this week on a flight from Seoul to Dallas prompting the pilot to divert to Tokyo where five were transported to a local hospital. We’ll say it again: If you are in your seat, have your seat belt buckled. And don’t get up unless you really need to. [P.S. This ABC column on turbulence by FareCompare’s Rick Seaney is a great read].

Robot passenger: You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know flights to Europe can be pricy – a computer scientist will do – and one of those flew his human-sized robot from Los Angeles to Germany in a coach seat on Lufthansa. We only hope the robot didn’t hog the armrest.

Chinese manners: United says it’s going to offer more flights to/from China this summer. In unrelated news, the Chinese government is not happy about a recent incident on a Thai AirAsia plane in which angry Chinese passengers threw hot water and noodles at a flight attendant. Bad for the country’s image, said one official.

Update on nut story: Remember the Korean Airlines executive who kicked a crew member off her flight because of the allegedly ‘improper’ way he served the macadamia nuts? [He didn’t use a plate]. Well, she’s been fired. By her dad.

Bad birds: Well, not bad exactly but Southwest might have thought otherwise when a flock of them forced one of its planes to turn around after taking off from Baltimore Friday. It seems one of them “probably went through the engine” which is never a good thing (especially for the bird). The good news is no humans were hurt.

Flight without planes: The BBC has some very cool video of daredevils in wingsuits which looks darned close to what Superman does. See for yourself in the snippet below.

VIDEO: Bet Santa would like one of these suits.


Updated: December 17, 2014