Watch for More Onboard Sales Pitches

According to a new report from Guestlogix, we’re going to see a continuing push by airlines to sell us stuff on planes.

Onboard Sales Pitches: What’s Hot, What’s Not

Some of the winners and losers for onboard sales may surprise you:

  • What’s selling: “Fresh food” otherwise known as sandwiches; entertainment (Wi-Fi); non-alcoholic beverages (on airlines that charges for all beverages).
  • What’s not: Packaged snacks; some alcoholic beverages; headphones (most travelers nowadays carry their own or have their earbuds).
  • What to expect: More destination services or products such as “tickets for shows or events, airport transfers” and this might include theme park tickets are seats to Broadway shows.

Much of this is being fueled by European and U.S. ultra low cost carriers which are notoriously fee-happy, and both American and Delta are attempting to mimic this business model for at least some of their economy passengers. But onboard sales are for everyone.

As the Los Angeles Times points out, business travelers will likely face the hardest sales pitches; according to Guestlogix, “Airlines will rely on past sales data and loyalty reward information to identify and target the big spenders on each plane.”

If this works for you, terrific. If not, just say no. And bring a lunch from home.


Published: January 11, 2016