Watch for Longer Lines at TSA Security Checkpoints

We’ve all read about the recent security failures at U.S. airports where officers reportedly did not find fake explosives and other items during covert testing. The solution, as Politico so eloquently put it, may “gum up airport checkpoints.”

Failures = Longer Lines at TSA Security

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said he has “increased manual screening measures” and experts say this will probably slow lines and increase passenger frustration, especially now during peak summer travel season. Especially at large hub-type airports.

What Travelers Can Do

Couple of things travelers can do to get through the lines at least a little faster:

  • Join PreCheck: Sign up for the fast lanes of PreCheck and if you fly much internationally, sign up for Global Entry which includes all the benefits of PreCheck. This doesn’t take long and doesn’t cost much (both memberships are good for five years).
  • Avoid the worst lines: The TSA monitors the time it takes to get through various lines at different airports; you can see the worst ones here and head to another line. Get the app or see it online.

One more thing: Get to the airport earlier than you normally would. This is a good idea during any heavy travel period including Thanksgiving  and Christmas.


Updated: July 15, 2015