Virgin America Produces In-Flight Entertainment Shows

Like all the other airlines, Virgin America will sell you a ticket, fly you to your destination, serve you a snack – but the Virgin carrier will also amuse you with its own exclusive content – now available on a new Virgin Produced channel as part of the award-winning carrier’s seat-back screen entertainment system known as Red.

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Virgin America: Partner with Celebrity Producers

Starting this month, flyers on the San Francisco-based airline will find a new TV channel on their inflight screens offering what Virgin America calls “fresh, funny and edgy” original content. If that seems a bit over the top, check out some of the names contributing to the new channel: Will Ferrell, Chris Henchy, Judd Apatow, Ben Stiller, Seth Green and

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Airlines: Ways to Win Over Passengers

In an era of high fuel costs, capacity cutting and a similar menu of fees, airlines are finding it increasingly difficult to differentiate themselves. Low-cost carriers often lose the airfare advantage during sale periods as legacy carriers match prices to stay competitive, so some turn to unusual perks to break out of the pack.

Other Airlines, Other Perks

Southwest has done so with its popular two free checked-bags policy (and JetBlue also offers passengers a free checked-bag). Now Virgin has turned to unique entertainment. For those who tire of pre-taped offerings, Red also offers an alternative: A seat-to-seat chat feature so passengers can talk to each other without ever leaving their seat.


Published: April 11, 2012