Virgin America: Hints about Flights to Denver and Honolulu

UPDATE: In April, Virgin America announced it will launch flights from San Francisco to Honolulu in November, followed by flights to Maui in December.

Original post: Popular San Francisco-based discounter Virgin America is dropping hints about new routes, specifically, flights to Hawaii and Denver. Could this be the first glimmerings of a new fare war down the road? Unclear yet but here’s what we know.

Flights to Denver

Earlier this week, Virgin America CEO David Cush mentioned Denver as a “top ten destination” from both Los Angeles and San Francisco (based on passenger traffic ) while noting it’s one of the few big traffic markets not currently served by the airline. And Skift reports that it is “likely” that Virgin America will begin flights to Denver though no timetable was mentioned.

  • Benefits for passengers: If Virgin takes the plunge, this could mean a hot city gets even cheaper, thanks to already furious airline competition at the Mile High City. Denver International currently enjoys service from 16 airlines including a number of international carriers plus Alaska, Frontier, JetBlue, Southwest, Spirit and all the legacy airlines.

Flights to Honolulu

In mid-February, Cush said Virgin America was “pretty bullish” on the Hawaii market and they’d be keeping a close eye on it while making preparations for such flights so they’d be ready if they decide Honolulu is a ‘go’. Again, no decision yet.

  • Benefits for passengers: This would add to competition from West Coast markets, givinbg Hawaiian and Alaska Airlines (among others) a bit more competition – and maybe, lower prices on flights to Honolulu.

We will keep you updated – but tell us, when you fly to Denver or Honolulu, which airline do you choose?


Updated: April 19, 2015