Virgin America Announces Code Share Agreement with Singapore

Virgin America has announced a new code share agreement with award-winning Singapore Airlines. The move comes the same week that another Virgin airline made news when Delta acquired a 49% stake in Virgin Atlantic.

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Agreement Begins Dec. 18

Singapore is just the second international code share agreement for San Francisco-based Virgin America – the other is with Virgin Australia and it also has a domestic agreement with Hawaiian Airlines. The Singapore deal goes into effect for flights beginning Dec. 18.

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Two Award-Winning Airlines

The two airlines share a few things in common – both Singapore and Virgin America routinely make best airline lists and both fly into Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco.

Code share agreements are common among airlines, allowing them to sell seats on another carrier’s flight “as if it were its own,” as Reuters put it.

Code Share Warning

FareCompare reminds travelers that fees vary among airlines and code share agreements don’t change that so be sure you know what airline you’re flying so you aren’t hit with say, an unexpected bag fee.


Published: December 13, 2012