Valentine's Day Travel and Airport Security

Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday this year, perfect for kicking off a romantic weekend getaway (and yes, there are last-minute deals for this weekend). To make sure your flight has a happy ending, know what you can and cannot bring through security. Here’s a new Valentine’s Day advisory from the TSA for security checkpoints.

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Valentine Items: Allowed at Security

  • Chocolate: Yes, you can bring boxes of chocolates through security, even those with liquid-filled centers.
  • Perfume: As long as the bottle does not hold more than 3.4 ounces, it is allowed.
  • Flowers: No problem unless it’s in a water-filled vase (meaning, you’ll have to dump the water).

Valentine Items: Not Allowed at Security

  • Gift baskets: These can be problematic because the beauty baskets tend to be filled with lotions and creams while the edible ones may contain sauces or dips. Remember, if a container holds more than 3.4 ounces of any type of liquid (example: salsa), it will not be allowed through security.
  • Wrapped gifts: These are allowed – but – a security officer may need to unwrap it. Suggestion: Wait until you get to your destination to pull out the ribbon and wrapping paper.

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Traveling with a Wedding Dress

If this is going to be a very special Valentine’s Day weekend – such as a destination wedding – the TSA says, wedding dresses are allowed through security but garment bags may have to be unzipped so officers can examine the contents (and the TSA says anyone who does this will wear gloves). The real challenge may be finding space on a plane for a big dress, so a bride-to-be should contact the airline directly before traveling to see what (if any) accommodations they can make for a gown.


Published: February 12, 2014