Update: Jack the Cat, Found at JFK Airport, Reportedly in Poor Health

UPDATE 10-28-11 American Airlines is picking up the tab for Jack’s veterinarian care.  

A cat named Jack who escaped from his crate at the American Airlines baggage area at New York’s JFK International this summer and was on the lam for two months before being found this week, is reportedly not doing so well.

Cat Reported in Critical Condition

According the New York Daily News, the cat is in critical condition, suffering from “fatty liver disease” which is said to occur in cats when they stop eating. A veterinarian treating the animal was quoted as saying Jack has a 50-50 survival rate.

And American Airlines, which first reported on its Facebook page that Jack had been found “alive and well” has since updated it to say he will need to remain in the care of a veterinarian for an additional period.

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New Details of Jack’s Two-Month Saga Emerge

Jack had been crated by owner Karen Pascoe for a flight to California when he somehow escaped Aug. 25, a busy time at the airport thanks to Hurricane Irene bearing down on the East Coast. American Airlines organized a search but was criticized by some on Jack’s Facebook page for not doing more sooner.

Where Jack went is anyone’s guess, but the News reports he eventually made his dramatic reappearance by “falling from the ceiling of an airport customs room.” The hefty feline is said to have lost five pounds during his ordeal.


Published: October 27, 2011