Unusual Ways to Earn More Airline Miles or Points

If you think the only way to earn miles in your carrier’s loyalty program is by flying, welcome to the modern world. Time to take a look at all the options open to you.

Credit Cards

Airline branded cards: These may cost of fee but can be useful not only for miles but perks such as early boarding, and/or a free bag

Other cards: There are a wide-range of options out there, so check out your favorites including Master Card, Visa, American Express, Barclay’s and more. Some offer double or even triple miles on airline ticket purchases and often for everyday purchases at gas stations and more.

Tip: If you use the card for business, see if your company will pay the annual fee.


Airline malls: Need something from Kohl’s or Nordstrom’s, Apple or Omaha Steaks?  Buy it via an online airline shopping venue to buy and earn miles. For shopping with American Airlines, simply join the AAdvantage program to start to earn miles.  Note: it may take six weeks or so before these shopping miles are credited to your account.

Pay Utility Bills

A FareCompare employee in Dallas chose a utility/electric company that offers miles for every bill he pays – he gets 2 miles for every dollar of his bill. So if his bill is $60, he gets 120 miles. See if such deals are available in your community.

Airport Parking, Spas, Dry Cleaning

Look for special programs like ThanksAgain that find miles offers for you including ways to earn with typical expenses like airport parking, spa treatments, dry cleaning and much more. For more, check in with the savvy travelers at FlyerTalk and The Points Guy.

Social Media

Many airlines and hotels and even restaurants offer miles as social media promotions on Facebook or Twitter. Follow your favorites and see what you can find.

More Ways

One of our favorite sites, Lifehacker, is always coming up with ingenious ways to get more miles. Do yourself a favor and check them out.


Published: June 2, 2014