United Offers 'Unlimited' Bags for a Year Starting at $349

United is offering a new take on one of its old ideas – an all-you-can-eat charge for bags. This time around, the airline is marketing the fee as a subscription service.

Hear Rick Seaney explain who will benefit from this fee:

Forget bags, here’s a deal for all-you-can-fly

What You Pay, What You Get

Here’s what subscribers get:

  • Pay $349 – Get 1 free checked-bag within most of the U.S. and Canada every time you fly for a year
  • Pay $399 – Get 2 free checked-bags – same as above
  • Pay $449 – Get 1 free checked-bag within U.S. including Hawaii and Alaska, plus Canada
  • Pay $499 – Get 2 free checked-bags – same as above
  • Pay $799 – Get 2 free checked-bags on flights for a year anywhere in the world

Which Passengers can Save

Traveling companions can be added to this deal, as well – pay an extra $100 for one person or pay just $200 for up to eight people. But say you mostly fly solo – is it worth it?

It can be, if you fly at least eight round-trip flights a year in the U.S. and always check a bag. United charges $25 for a first checked-bag each-way (and $35 for a second). What’s with all the fees? Simple. Airlines make billions off them. Yes, billions.

Now, get ready for the soft drink fee

Earlier United Bag Deal was Cheaper

Back in 2009, United introduced Premier Baggage which gave passengers a year’s worth of free bags for just $250, and that included up to eight traveling companions. However, once the United-Continental merger was well underway, the baggage deal with unceremoniously dumped.

Which begs the question: Would you sign up?


Published: June 3, 2013