United Grounding Lifted, Airline Flying Again

GENERAL UPDATE: United is waiving change fees and any increase in fares for those who change tickets. See all the details here.

UPDATE 10:25 a.m. ET – Several news organizations are now reporting the grounding has been lifted and United is flying again. However, it seems extremely likely this will impact/delay United flights throughout the day. Keep reading for tips that may help.

Posted 10 a.m. ET – July 8, 2015:

According to numerous news reports – not to mention countless Twitter complaints – United Airlines’ computer system has suffered a technical glitch which has grounded flights across the U.S.

United Flights Grounded

United posted the following note  on its website:

“Travel disruptions due to a system outage – A network connectivity issue is impacting United’s operations. Please check your flight status before going to the airport. We apologize and are working to resolve this as quickly as possible.”

Meanwhile, the Federal Aviation Administration’s site lists a “ground stoppage” that notes it is a “user request” from United due to automation issues.

What Passengers Can Do

First of all, stay in contact with the airline any way you can.

  • Twitter: Follow United on Twitter for the latest updates. @United is responding to complaints, but mostly by saying they’re working to resolve the issue.
  • Look for airline reps: If you’re at the airport, get in line at a United counter and get on the phone at the same time. You will want to position yourself to get on the first available flight out or on another airline if United offers this.
  • If you must fly: If you have to be on your way as soon as possible, consider going to another airline counter on your own, booking a new flight and sorting it out with United later. Caution: it is always possible that United may not be in a refunding mood but it never hurts to ask and in this instance, you’d have a very good case.
  • Be patient: Even if the grounding is lifted soon, it will likely impact flights throughout the day so if you’re flying United today, expect to arrive at your destination late – perhaps, very late.


Updated: July 9, 2015