United.com Takes Over Continental Website This Weekend

If you’re used to typing “continental.com” to find reservations or book a trip, start training yourself to go to “united.com” instead.

Listen as airfare analyst Rick Seaney tells Editor Anne McDermott how the United site had a very bad weekend.

Continental.com Disappears Starting Friday

Beginning this Friday evening and into Saturday (March 3 and 4), the Continental website – one of the airline’s last public faces – disappears forever* as its merger with United nears final integration. The newly unified airline will continue under the name, United.

*Well, you can never say never – after all, the old People Express is currently attempting a comeback.

10 Things that will Change with United/Continental Merger

The ‘New’ United Airlines

United, which announced its $3 billion-plus takeover of Continental in the spring of 2010, actually became one airline last fall – as far as the Federal Aviation Administration was concerned – when pilots for both carriers began flying under a single operating certificate and also began using the same United call-sign for official communications.

Still to come: the behind-the-scenes final integration of the two airlines’ workforces.

Which Now-Defunct Airline Painted ‘Smiles’ on Its Planes?

Continental Lives On in United’s New Logo

Before long, little will be left of Continental except for memories – memories, and its signature globe logo (see the image, above right). That image that has been incorporated into United’s new look, and is now featured on most United planes as the old Continental paint jobs are rapidly being phased out.


Published: March 1, 2012