United Airlines Still Experiencing Glitches, Long Call Waits

It’s now been nearly four weeks since United Airlines’ website combined with Continental’s for a new and what was thought to be an improved experience on United.com, but glitches continue to plague passengers.

United/Continental: When Websites Collide

Hours On-Hold at United Call Center

According to media reports out of the airline’s headquarters in Chicago, some passengers have complained about being on hold with United’s call center for hours while others say they never get through to an agent at all.

Others have seen errors in credit card bills after booking online.

Glitches Began with Website Merger

United announced its merger with Continental back in 2010, but March 3 of this year was the biggest day for the airline’s customers as the two websites became one. It quickly became known as one of the biggest problem day for users of the site, but a United rep reportedly sees light at the end of the hangar and says call wait times are down to about 10 minutes – though she also admits this can vary wildly depending on the time of day.

What’s Going On with United/Continental Miles Programs?

Quote of the Day

The airline has brought in hundreds of additional workers to the call center, and the only advice for customers at this point is, don’t call unless you absolutely have to, and if you have to – have patience.

Money quote from an unhappy United.com site user: “At this point the level of confidence that you’re going to get to Rome, Italy, as opposed to Rome, Georgia, is not very high.”


Published: March 28, 2012