United Airlines Joins Delta, Raises Bag Fee for Europe Travelers

United Airlines has just raised another baggage fee, but it won’t affect domestic flyers.

$100 Fee for Second Checked-Bag

The hike will be felt by economy class passengers who travel between the U.S. and Europe, the Middle East, Africa or India with two checked-bags. The second bag will now cost $100 each-way. The first checked-bag for international travel remains free.

On flights within the U.S., United charges $25 for the first checked-bag and $35 for a second.

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Delta’s Bag Fee Hike

This brings the airline more in line with Delta’s international bag fee prices: Delta passengers traveling between the U.S. and Europe or north Africa will also still get a first checked-bag for free but the second now costs $80 each-way if paid online, and the price jumps to $100 if the fee is paid at the airport.

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How to Avoid this Fee

Air travel analyst Rick Seaney, who usually flies to Europe with just a carry-on bag, says there’s a simple way to avoid these new higher fees: don’t bring a second bag. Adds Seaney, “If you’re settling in for a long stay at an international destination and absolutely have to have two bags, look into shipping one of them ahead of time – you might save a bundle.”

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Bag Fees Can and Do Rise without Notice

Bag fees can and do change with little if any notice, and travelers are urged to check their airline’s website for the latest fee information to avoid a potentially nasty surprise.

It’s especially important to check fees on Europe’s low-cost carriers. Many of these airlines, such as Ryanair, have a vast and complicated fee system that includes carry-on items and a variety of overweight and oversized baggage pricing policies.


Published: June 12, 2012