United Airlines Emergency Slide Drama for Supreme Court Justice

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will not comment on yesterday’s drama that had her and 185 other passengers and crew sliding down an emergency airplane chute, but she was not injured. However, others said it was an ordeal. “Very scary,” as one passenger tweeted, adding “People were screaming.”

It began as United flight 586 was taking off from Dulles International, heading for San Francisco, when smoke was spotted coming from an engine. The emergency slide chutes were deployed, and down they all went. Three people reportedly suffered minor injuries.

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Another Famous Exit: Angry JetBlue Flight Attendant

This is not the first time an emergency chute evacuation made big news; a little more than a year ago, flight attendant Steven Slater became a brief sensation when he angrily exited his JetBlue flight via slide, beers in hand. He was lionized on social media and briefly became a “working man’s hero” though he and the airline soon parted company.

No doubt the airline prefers being known for its cheap flights rather than any onboard hijinks.

Who is the Real Hero?

No doubt Justice Ginsburg, age 78, had a rougher time of it; ABC has reported she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer two years ago, and underwent surgery and chemotherapy just this year. However, she remains on the high court and is keeping up a very active schedule. Now that is what most would consider heroism.


Published: September 15, 2011