United Airlines Asks for Patience with Ongoing Computer Glitches, Weekend Flight Delays

This past weekend, United took one of its final steps in its merger with Continental as it combined both airline websites into one, but not without problems – some of which are continuing.

Continental.com Disappears

United’s Weekend Website Problems

Visitors to the new United.com site will see a notice – updated as of this morning (March 5) – that reads as follows:

“Contact centers are currently experiencing extraordinarily high call volumes. In some cases hold times exceed an hour, and you may be prompted to try your call at another time.”

‘What Will Happen to My Continental/United Miles?’

The airline adds an apology and says it is working to improve its service, but many passengers have been inconvenienced or worse.

United Flight Delays at Chicago O’Hare

Many delays and even cancelations were seen at United gates scattered throughout the nation’s airports.

At one point on Saturday, media reports said United’s on-time percentage rate for flights out of Chicago’s O’Hare was just 16 percent (most airlines shoot for a goal of 80 percent), with at least one canceled flight and nearly 50 others delayed by close to an hour or more.

Kioks and Call Center Problems – and Progress

Airport kiosk problems were also common at airports, with the machines not recognizing miles program membership numbers and/or just generally being non-responsive. Complaining to United’s call center didn’t do much good as callers were put on hold for an hour or more, or simply told to get off and try later.

Although the call center warning notice about high volume remains on the airline site, according to FlightStats there were few very few delays at U.S. airports this morning including at United hub cities, so it seems as if progress is indeed being made.


Published: March 5, 2012