United Again Allows Early Boarding for Families

Maybe you remember United Airlines dropping its pre-boarding policy for families four years ago. Families weren’t happy. It took a while but United ultimately got the message.

LISTEN: Travel pro Rick Seaney has flown with little ones many times.

Early Boarding for Families Returns

As the Associated Press reports, the return of early boarding for families doesn’t mean for every family.

  • New policy won’t go into effect until Feb. 15
  • Only families with children aged two and under can board early
  • These families are allowed to board ahead of first class, elite members

Other Airline Early Boarding Policies

Most U.S. airlines allow some form of pre-boarding for families but many don’t let them board until after first and business class. Plus, the cut-off ages of kids varies; Southwest seems to have the most generous policy, allowing early boarding for families with children aged six and under – but those families can’t board after Southwest’s “A” group boards.

When in doubt, ask the gate agent.


Updated: February 11, 2016