U.S. to Lure Tourists with New 'Brand USA' Campaign

As several news reports have noted, unlike most other nations, the United States has never had a unified marketing effort for tourism. That’s changed now, with the unveiling of a new name for the Corporation for Travel Promotion formed by Congress last year: Brand USA.

  • Its motto: “United States of Awesome Possibilities”

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Why the U.S. Needs Travel Promotion

Last year, a record-breaking 59.7 million tourists came to the U.S. but the vast majority arrived from the border nations of Canada and Mexico, and many of these were day-trippers. Tourists from farther away stay longer and spend more.

In sheer numbers, the U.S. still attracts the second-highest number of visitors in the world, but the government and the private sector want to do better attracting tourists from all regions of the world. For example, the number of visitors from Great Britain is more than four times as many as from China and India combined.

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Most Popular Countries for Tourists

The top five, followed by the number (in millions) of international arrivals during 2010:

  1. France: 76.8
  2. United States: 59.7
  3. China: 55.7
  4. Spain: 52.7
  5. Italy: 43.6

Apart from border tourism, the largest percentage of international visitors to the U.S. come from Great Britain, followed by Japan, Germany and France.

Big Tourism Push Begins in March

A multi-pronged advertising/marketing plan using traditional outlets like TV and social media will get fully underway beginning in the spring. Meanwhile, the Brand USA website is up and running at DiscoverAmerica.com.


Published: November 10, 2011