Two Scary Flights, Two Scary Emergency Landings in London

It was a nerve-wracking day in the skies over the United Kingdom on Friday with two scary incidents prompting two emergency landings (see video below).

British Airways Plane on Fire

The drama began in the morning when explosions were heard aboard a British Airways plane heading to Oslo. Witnesses say they saw a plane on fire and heavy smoke was clearly seen spewing from one of the engines of the Airbus A319 but problems were reported with both. One of the 75 passengers on board shot video in which the peeled-away cowling of a damaged engine is clearly visible during the tense descent and emergency landing at Heathrow (see below). Despite a somewhat rough landing, there were no serious injuries.

Scary pilots cause problems

Fears of Terror Threat

In the second incident, RAF jets scrambled to escort a Pakistan International Airlines jet carrying nearly 300 passengers after reports of a problem onboard. The plane, originally headed to Manchester, was diverted to London’s Stansted where two of the passengers were arrested.

Reports about the incident are somewhat muddled at this point. It was initially thought that the incident may have been related to a terrorist threat although CNN later quoted a Pakistani official who said it was a case of two passengers who “got into an altercation with air stewardesses and threatened to blow up the plane.” After the Boeing 777 landed safely and the men were taken into custody, a Pakistani airline official reportedly said, “This is a lesson to angry passengers.”

VIDEO: British Airways plane makes emergency landing at London’s Stansted on May 24.


Published: May 24, 2013