TSA: Weird Things People Tried to Bring on Planes This Week

It’s been awhile since we last checked the TSA’s weekly round-up of odd things people try to bring onboard aircraft, and although though no spear guns or cannonballs were found this past week, there were some items of interest.

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Weird Weapons

Some of the more unusual weapons discovered in luggage or on passengers:

  • Live smoke grenade (found at Washington Dulles)
  • Flare gun with loose flares (found at Houston Hobby)
  • Stun guns (9 found)
  • Brass knuckles

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Guns and Knives

This past week, the TSA confiscated a total of 21 guns and 20 of them were loaded. The airport with the most guns was Tampa (3) followed by Las Vegas (2) and Dallas-Ft. Worth (2) – although Dallas’ Love Field also had a loaded gun come through so Texas beats Nevada.

And never mind the upcoming relaxation of the ban on short knives – plenty of long ones are still being confiscated from passengers including knives hidden in belt buckles and shoes.

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Stupid Things Passengers Say

The TSA reports that a female passenger in the airport at San Juan, Puerto Rico, claimed to have a bomb in her bag: “She [then] had to explain to Puerto Rico Port Authority Police, FBI, and TSA that she was just joking.” It’s not known if she missed her flight but it sure seems likely. Attention novice travelers: Airport personnel have no sense of humor whatsoever.


Published: March 22, 2013