TSA to Relax Snow Globe Ban as Kids, Collectors Cheer

For no discernible reason, snow globes are popular souvenirs whether Disney tchotchkes (Minnie in a globe for $19.99) or a collectors item from Graceland (Elvis in a globe for $34.99). However, purchasers have long been stymied by a TSA ban on these items in carry-on bags, but that’s changing.

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Ban Lifts “Later This Summer”

The TSA says it will lift its ban on snow globes starting “later this summer,” though agency spokesperson Lisa Farbstein told FareCompare no exact date has been set (when that happens, it will be announced on the TSA website). However, there is a catch. Two of them, in fact.

What’s the Catch

First, snow globes will only be allowed in carry-on luggage if they are roughly the size of a tennis ball. In other words, a size that corresponds to a container of 3.4 ounces of liquid or less.

Second, the snow globe must fit inside the quart-sized zip-type bag that contains all your other liquids such as shampoo and cosmetics, so you may have to sacrifice some space for these decorative items.

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Snow Globes Still OK in Checked-Bags

No doubt, many will make the space, if only to avoid the wails of children who watch their souvenirs get dumped in the trash at security lines – which is what happens now to all liquids greater than 3.4 ounces unless the travelers can repack it in a checked-bag or make arrangements to mail the item. And it might be worth it.

Expensive Snow Globes

Snow globes can be pricy – a Disney globe that plays “Feed the Birds” from its Mary Poppins movie once reportedly sold for more than $1,500, and a snow globe ring for sale with diamonds taking the place of snow can be found online, retailing for close to $8,000.


Published: July 18, 2012