TSA to Passengers: No Real Weapons, No Fake Weapons

Did you hear the one about the guy who tried to go through security at Southern California’s Ontario airport with a fake hand grenade? Didn’t work!

But people keep trying. These are just a few of recent fake/inert items found.

Confiscated by the TSA
Confiscated by the TSA

TSA Security Evacuates Airport

As for the Ontario, Calif. incident, the Los Angeles Times reports the replica grenade was actually part of a gag gift (it included a sign that said, “Complaint Department – for Service Pull Pin”). No one was laughing Wednesday morning, though, when baggage screeners noticed it. The fake was eventually declared ‘safe’ but not before the bomb squad was called and the airport was evacuated.

The TSA PreCheck program. You’ll like it.

What to Know

TSA spokespeople have said this again and again: Officers can’t always tell the difference between real and fake weaponry. Even when they’re pretty sure an item is a replica, they can’t take a chance. What the owner of the gag gift should have done was ship it ahead. Traveling with something like this is asking for trouble, as it could mean you are detained and/or miss your flight. And plenty of other people could wind up missing flights, too.

When in doubt, check the TSA’s list of prohibited items.


Updated: August 17, 2015