TSA Officers Help Rescue Woman from Alleged Kidnap Attempt

Back in early July, TSA officers at Miami International noticed a woman coming through the security checkpoint acting strangely – for one thing, she was trying to hide face. The security agency officers ultimately helped foil her alleged abduction.

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Officers Noticed Bruising, Body Language

According to news reports, the woman initially denied that there was anything wrong despite bruising on her face, but screeners and behavioral detection officers noticed other oddities in the woman’s body language, and took her away from her traveling companions for a private talk. That’s when she broke down and told the officers she was being held against her will.

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Alleged Kidnappers Arrested

Local police were called and they arrested two of the woman’s traveling companions on charges of kidnapping, robbery and battery. According to reports, the woman had been severely beaten, forced to withdraw money with her ATM card, and was being kidnapped – coerced onto a plane taking off for Newark. The alleged kidnappers are to appear in court next week.

Mark Hatfield, the TSA’s federal security director at Miami International Airport told CNN, “Our officers recognized that the woman was in danger and acted immediately to protect her.”

Although this alleged kidnapping incident occurred on July 5, it is just surfacing now and some have questioned the timing as it coincided with a congressional hearing into TSA screener misconduct.


Published: August 2, 2012