TSA: Man Tries to Smuggle Gift-Wrapped Marijuana onto Flight

A 32-year-old Flint, Michigan, man was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport on Nov. 9 after authorities said he tried to smuggle marijuana aboard his evening flight. The cannabis was discovered by screeners in multiple boxes wrapped as Christmas gifts.

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Christmas Gift Wrap for Packages of Pot

The TSA initially said there was 120 pounds of marijuana in the boxes, but airport police later put the figure at 35 pounds. Either way, it was a sizeable amount and the wrapped packages of pot were to be transported as checked baggage. However, the suspect was arrested before that could happen while waiting to board his Continental flight to Cleveland.

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TSA: Never Transport Wrapped Gifts

The TSA advises holiday travelers to ship wrapped gifts ahead. If gifts must be transported, the security agency suggest they be wrapped upon arrival. As the TSA website explains:

  • “Be aware that wrapped gifts may need to be opened for inspection.” TSA website

Apparently one person at LAX this week was unaware.


Published: November 11, 2011