TSA Leaves Note in Rapper's Luggage after Finding Marijuana

Earlier this week, rapper Freddie Gibbs tweeted that a TSA officer at the Denver airport left a personal note in his luggage after the screener allegedly found a controlled substance in his checked-bag.

Note to Rapper: “C’mon Son”

According to the picture accompanying Gibbs’ tweet, the note is seen next to a what appears to be bag of marijuana. The contents of the note could be construed as a gentle admonishment to the young man. It simply said, “C’mon son.”

As Gibbs explained via Twitter, “The TSA found my weed and let me keep it.” He then added, “LOL.”

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Second TSA ‘Note’ Incident in Two Months

Another passenger who received a note from the TSA back in October was not nearly as amused. The female flyer tweeted that a TSA officer going through her suitcase discovered a vibrator, which prompted him to pen these words of advice: “Get your freak on girl.” A TSA spokesperson called the note “highly inappropriate” and the officer has since been fired.

See the “Inappropriate Note” the Female Passenger Received

We contacted the TSA about the latest note-in-a-bag story, and will update with any response we receive. UPDATE: The TSA tells us that it is investigating this claim, but also reminded us that it is just one of ‘several entities that handles checked baggage’, the implication being that the note could have been written by someone other than a screening officer.


Published: December 16, 2011