TSA Frequent Traveler Program May Expand to More Airports

A faster and easier airport security process was promised, and that is apparently what is being delivered by the TSA’s experimental frequent traveler program.

Which Airports Offer Faster Security Lines

In fact, it is proving so popular, according the news reports, that TSA chief John Pistole wants to expand it beyond the four airports currently offering the program (Atlanta, Dallas, Detroit and Miami).

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What Passengers Give Up for Faster Security

Want to join the program? You must be willing to divulge some personal information in advance of your flight which may include background information and travel plans. Volunteers are being selected from the following groups:

  • American Airlines’ AAdvantage program
  • Delta Air Lines SkyMiles program
  • Government programs including GlobalEntry, NEXUS, SENTRI

Pistole says the program “holds great potential to strengthen security while significantly enhancing the travel experience, whenever possible, for passengers.” Note that he does not say the security experience will improve in every case, since passengers are not guaranteed that they will be ushered into fast-track security lines, but it appears that many are because reviews of the program are generally positive.

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So far, there is no indication which airports are on the radar for expansion of the program, but we will update that information when it becomes available.


Published: November 2, 2011