TSA Finds Hand Grenade in Luggage in Salt Lake City

A TSA screener recently found an “inert grenade” in a passenger’s bag in Salt Lake City. Details are somewhat sketchy (you can read more on the TSA Blog), but the bag belonged to a woman who was apparently just as surprised as the security officers.

Oops: Loaded gun falls from screened bag

Grandson Packed Grenade Baggage

Turns out the bag was packed for the woman by her grandson.

This was not the only such incident, either. Another inert grenade was discovered in the bag of a passenger at the Birmingham airport. In this case, the grenade was a gift for the traveler’s father.

Faster security lines may be coming to your airport: are you eligible?

How Security Lines Get Delayed

As the TSA points out, people who bring inert or even toy replicas of weapons through security can bring the lines to a screeching halt, inconveniencing everyone. The reason is, it’s not always possible to tell a real weapon from a fake.

Many travelers take issue with some security regulations such as the large liquids ban and the shoe-removal rule, but a busy security line is not the time or place for arguments unless you don’t mind being delayed.


Updated: November 16, 2015