TSA Confiscates Weapons Found in Passengers' Toys, Walker

Ever since its inception back in 2001, the TSA has been criticized for a host of reasons including, at times, targeting the wrong subjects – such as children and the elderly.

TSA Since 2001: The Good and the Bad

Stuffed Animals – Stuffed with Guns

Two recent incidents at U.S. airports will probably do little to quell the nay-sayers, but does lend credence to agency supporters who contend that potential terrorists can come in many guises.

No terrorist activity was suspected in last week’s incident at Providence’s airport but a disassembled gun was discovered in several of a child’s stuff animals including a magazine loaded with two .40 caliber rounds and firing pin.

New Security Rules for Older Travelers and Kids

According to news reports, the travelers, a man and his son, were unaware of the weapon which was thought to be part of an ongoing domestic dispute.

Man’s Walker held Knife

The week before, a 69-year-old man was stopped at New York’s JFK after a knife was discovered stuck in his walker. Although the man could not explain it, he was ultimately allowed to continue on his flight.

The Grandma Strip-Search Controversy

Other Unusual Airport ‘Finds’ by TSA

The TSA’s blog posts stories each week about unusual items confiscated from passengers. In the past, these have included hand grenades, cannonballs, and even a spear gun. Recently, in a single week, TSA officers around the country discovered 30 guns in luggage, 29 of which were loaded.

In most cases, travelers say they forgot they were carrying the banned items.


Published: May 14, 2012