TSA Agent Quits, Allegedly Makes 9/11 Threats, LAX Terminals Evacuated

Tuesday was not a good day for travelers at Los Angeles International as authorities cleared and searched some of the terminals at LAX after threats were called in by a man believed to be a recently suspended TSA agent who’d just quit his job.

Unspecified 9/11 Threats

Nothing dangerous was found in the airport terminals but as the Los Angeles Times reports, 29-year-old Nna Alpha Onuoha was taken into custody after a search of his apartment revealed a chilling note that contained “an unspecified threat citing the 9/11/13 anniversary.” The terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 killed nearly 3,000 people.

Are we safer in the air after 9/11?

Suspicious Package, Threatening Calls

Not long after Onuoha quit his screener job Tuesday, he allegedly left what was called a suspicious package at the airport. It was inspected by a bomb squad and nothing dangerous was found, but this discovery was followed up by telephoned threats believed to have been made by Onuoha. The caller directed that certain terminals be evacuated and that he “would be watching to make sure his instructions were carried out.”

It is not known why the man had been suspended from the TSA or what prompted him to quit. FareCompare has contacted the TSA and will update with any new information.


Published: September 11, 2013