TSA Agent Accused of 9/11 Threats had Bizarre Encounter with Teen

Yesterday, FareCompare reported on a Los Angeles-based TSA agent who quit his job then allegedly made written threats evoking the horror of 9/11 along with phoned threats that shut down terminals at LAX. At the time, little was known about the screener beyond the fact that he’d been briefly suspended this summer. Now we know why, thanks to the Los Angeles Times: this screener was involved in a bizarre encounter involving the clothing of a 15-year-old – a story FareCompare reported back in June.

TSA screener slams girl’s clothing

15-Year-Old Girl ‘Shamed’ by Screener

According to the Times, 29-year-old agent Nna Alpha Onuoha earned a one-week suspension or publicly scolding a young traveler over her choice of attire. As FareCompare noted in its story on the incident, “the 15-year-old [traveler] attired in what appears to be dark leggings and a tank top covered by a big, long-sleeved flannel shirt said a TSA officer shamed her this week by urging her to, ‘Cover yourself!'”

The girl’s father, Mark Frauenfelder – creator of the popular BoingBoing blog – was understandably irate and publicized the incident on social media. He has since tweeted, “Took my 15-yr-old kid 3 seconds to peg the screener as a creep. The TSA employed him since 2006!”

The TSA and 9/11

New Details on 9/11 Threats

The written 9/11-related threats were reportedly in a letter found in Onuoha’s apartment including this grim warning: “09/11/2013 THERE WILL BE FIRE! FEAR! FEAR! FEAR!” As the Times details the story, other letters purportedly written by Onuoha included similarly chilling statements: “On the day that I release the message – even the once mighty American government that gloats with arrogance will be reduced to nothing just like the nothing that she is.”

The ex-screener, a Nigerian-born naturalized citizen who reportedly spent several years in the National Guard and was deployed to Kosovo, was arrested on Sept. 11 and remains in custody.


Published: September 12, 2013