TripAdvisor Releases New 'Best Hotels' List, Dumps Popular 'Worst Hotels' List

As TripAdvisor announces its 2012 list of Best Hotels, an honor the site likes to say is “awarded by millions of real travelers,” snark-lovers are no doubt mourning the demise of the site’s rankings for worst hotels.

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Worst List Review: ‘Horrifying’

The popular ‘worst list’ – a PR move that brought TripAdvisor tons of publicity – may have also brought it tons of headaches as hoteliers screamed loud and long over inclusion in the rankings.

And no wonder. Who can forget this horrifying review of 2009’s ‘worst’ winner, a New York City lodging place that shall go unnamed here:

“Roaches, rats, mice, horrible smells, dirty sheets, horrifying bathrooms, outlets that hang out of walls [and] the worst part about it was that at 4am I woke up to a bunch of guys breaking into our room!!” -TripAdvisor contributor

And this does not even mention the bedbug situation.

Best Hotels: Many on West Coast

But enough negativity. The top 10 best hotels in the U.S. – per TripAdvisor – are scattered across the country with half of them on the West Coast – and none in New York City (the best hotel in the world: Phoenix Resort in Belize).

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Top 10 U.S. Hotels

  1. Elysian Hotel – Chicago
  2. Grand Del Mar – San Diego
  3. Four Seasons Resort Maui – Wailea, HI
  4. Old Edwards Inn – Highlands, NC
  5. Heathman Hotel – Kirkland, WA
  6. Hotel Commonwealth – Boston
  7. French Quarter Inn – Charleston
  8. Fairmont Heritage Place – San Francisco
  9. Hotel Monaco Portland – Portland, OR
  10. Inn at the Market – Seattle


Published: January 20, 2012