Top U.S. Airports for Guns in Carry-on Bags

2014 was a record year for firearms discovered in luggage in U.S. airports. According to the TSA, 2,212 guns were found – and more than 80 percent of them were loaded.

22% Increase in Gun Confiscations

To be fair, that’s not much considering security officers screened more than 650 million passengers last year but it is a 22 percent increase. The explanation TSA officers have told us they hear most often is, “I forgot.” Don’t forget because you slow down your own journey – you could miss a flight altogether – and you slow down the line for everyone in line behind you.

10 Airports with Most Gun Confiscations

Texas airports were responsible for nearly 40 percent of confiscated guns in the top ten airports, and Atlanta was up there, too. By the way, it is perfectly legal to fly with a firearm but there are rules that must be followed. Absent-mindedly using a carry-on bag that you left a gun in is not the way to do it.

Top cities for gun confiscations, and the total number of firearms confiscated in 2014.

  1. Dallas (DFW): 120
  2. Atlanta (ATL): 109
  3. Phoenix (PHX): 78
  4. Houston – George Bush (IAH): 77
  5. Denver (DEN): 70
  6. Houston – Hobby (HOU): 50
  7. Tampa (TPA): 49
  8. Ft. Lauderdale (FLL): 49
  9. Nashville (BNA): 48
  10. Orlando (MCO): 47

Before you go leave home, check the bag you’ll travel with to make sure it contains nothing that will cause airport security to delay you, and that includes liquids larger than 3.4 ounces as well as foodstuffs like jars of peanut butter and of course, guns. See the TSA for a complete list of what is allowed and what is banned.


Updated: February 24, 2016