Top 5 April Fools' Travel Pranks

So many pranks, so little space – but we definitely like these four April Fools’ jokes (at least we think they’re jokes). Don’t miss the utterly deadpan video at the end.

If we left out a good one, be sure and let us know.

1. Pet Wi-Fi

Connectivity is always a good thing and it can be even better your animal is equipped with a Pet-Fi collar. Imagine Sparky or Fluffy tucked under the seat in front of you providing the all-important connection while you happily while a way a flight with your electronic device. Best of all, the batteries never die because they’re powered by your pet’s kinetic energy! From the geniuses at Australia’s


2. Two-for-One Business Class Seats

Think of the money you’ll save once you take advantage of these deals from Student Flights based in Australia (wait, Australia – again?). It’s the Top to Tail special and it’s described this way: “Get up close and personal with your business class buddy for a budget friendly chance to experience the bells and whistles at the pointy end of the plane.”


3. Yoga at 35,000 Feet

We’ve always had a soft spot for the Singapore-based discount carrier Scoot based on the name alone but now they offer planes with YogaZones. That’s right and it’s “hot” yoga. Classes will supposedly be offered on every Singapore to Hong Kong flight aboard those spacious 777s. Better bring a towel; these onboard classes will be taught in 105-degree temperatures.


4. Southwest’s Deals to Mars

Somehow we missed this special over on the Deals Blog. Eh, so what? FareCompare has been sending its employees to Mars for years now.


5. WestJet’s Metric Time

We welcome back prankster-in-chief WestJet – the Canadian airline that gave us last December’s Christmas Miracle video but is even better known for its April Fools escapades. This year’s entry is once again introduced by executive Richard Bartrem (he really should get his own show) who tells us all about WestJet’s exciting plans to convert to metric time. Spoiler alert: Metric time actually exists but is beyond complicated though it crops up from time to time in science fiction. The undaunted Bartrem claims metric time conversion is easy as pie, but see for yourself. Bonus: See 2013’s April Fools video right after this year’s entry.

April Fools’ 2013 – Furry Friends

Bartrem was in fine form last year with a delightful look at the airline’s new pet policy.


Published: April 1, 2014