Top 3 Tips for Finding Flights for the Holidays, Target Ticket Price

FareCompare CEO Rick Seaney talked to Editor Anne McDermott about how to find flights for the holidays. Tune in as Rick gives exact instructions on when to shop, when to buy and how to identify a decent flight deal.


1. Procrastinate and You Will Pay

I know I say this all the time, but you absolutely cannot wait until the last minute to start shopping for airfare. If you wait, you will not only pay more, but you might get aced out of your ticket all together.

2. You Have Three Weeks

Get going! Pull the trigger on a ticket by Mid-October for Thanksgiving and October 31 for Christmas. If you absolutely have to travel for Thanksgiving,  don’t buy your ticket in November or you will play right into the airlines’ game. If you don’t have to visit the in-laws this year, you can chance it and see if the airlines release any late Turkey Deals…but only wait if your plans are really up in the air (pun intended.)

3. Be Flexible on Your Travel Dates

Flight prices will vary significantly depending on which day you travel.  Use our flexible search calendar to get price points on multiple departure dates.

TARGET HOLIDAY PLANE TICKET PRICE: $300 on a RT ticket (2-3 hour flight.)




Published: September 15, 2011