Top 10 Busiest Airports for Thanksgiving

The travel site Orbitz (a FareCompare partner) has just released its latest list of busiest U.S. airports for the Thanksgiving holiday, and as expected, the latest rankings look a lot like the previous lists.

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In fact, it looks like a list of busiest airports for any time of year, with some exceptions – the top 10 for 2012 does not include Atlanta, Charlotte, Newark and more. Least busy airports are listed after the chart below (and airports that made all the lists are culled from the nation’s top 50).

Chicago Tops LAX

The top three five neatly divide the country in sections with Chicago (ORD) representing the Midwest in the top spot followed by the West – Los Angeles (LAX) and San Francisco (SFO) – with eastern cities New York (LGA) and Boston (BOS) bringing up the rear.

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Top Ten Busiest Airports – 2010-2012

See how this busy list has changed over the years.

Thanksgiving – Busiest U.S. Airports




1. Chicago O’Hare Los Angeles Chicago O’Hare
2. Los Angeles Chicago O’Hare Los Angeles
3. San Francisco Orlando Boston
4. LaGuardia San Francisco LaGuardia
5. Boston Boston San Francisco
6. JFK LaGuardia Denver
7. Orlando Denver JFK
8. Denver JFK Newark
9. Washington Reagan Newark Atlanta
10. Ft. Lauderdale Seattle Washington Reagan


Least Busy Airports

As you might expect, smaller airports in mid-sized cities make up the bulk of Orbitz’ least-busy list, led by Buffalo, Jacksonville, Nashville, Sacramento and Hartford.


Published: November 12, 2012