Tis the Season – For Unusual Airline Sales

Airlines seem to be in a holiday mood, handing out gifts in the form of airfare sales – though cynics might say they’re simply promoting off-peak seats that are hard to sell.

No matter; deals are deals, and some recent sales are pretty unusual.

Tips on finding the best deals for Christmas

Special Sales

Lately we’ve been seeing a sprinkling of pop-up sales, one-day specials and other out-of-the-ordinary deals. Some examples (and you can see more here):

  • Virgin America’s one day deals from $49 one-way
  • KLM’s pop-up sale: U.S. to Nairobi deals from $698 round-trip
  • Alaska’s Cyber Monday Sale, which lasted a full week
  • More deals to Hawaii than we normally see

While most airlines launch sales on Tuesday, it’s not unheard of to see a new sale on Friday. Southwest has done this in the past and may do so again.

How to Get the Deals

There are a couple of things you can do.

  • Set airfare alerts: Get the deals you want in real-time. Tip: If you see something you like, grab it immediately since cheap fares don’t last.
  • Deals Blog: This is updated daily by humans that try to keep up with every last sale.
  • Twitter: Follow FareCompare and/or follow your favorite airline.

Final Advice on Finding Cheap Flights

You have to compare the deal you find with what other airlines are offering. One way to do that is to go to FareCompare. Don’t assume another airline cannot meet – or even beat – the price you found. And you won’t know, if you don’t compare.


Published: December 10, 2014