Time to Say Goodbye to US Airways

If you book a flight for the upcoming holidays on the US Airways site, don’t be surprised when you’re automatically re-directed to American Airlines. As of Oct. 17, US Airways disappears into history.

US Airways’ Final Flight Oct. 17

US Airways has been gradually integrating with American since the latter’s merger announcement in February 2013. The final flight of the old legacy carrier will land in Philadelphia on Oct. 17.

US Airways – The History

This will be flight number 1939, the year US Airways lists as its beginning when it was known as All-American Airways, a regional air mail delivery service. According to its website, “All-American Airways quickly grew into Allegheny Airlines, US Air and finally US Airways after buy outs and mergers.” One of the carriers that became part of the US Airways story is the Trump Shuttle.

More recently, US Airways was at the center of two big stories. Fortunately, both had happy endings.

  • August 2008: US Airways begins charging for all beverages including soft drinks, coffee and even water. The experiment, widely regarded as a dismal failure, ends six months later.
  • January 2009: A flock of geese ran into US Airways Flight 1549 causing both engines to fail. Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger then cooling made an emergency water landing on the Hudson River; the Airbus A320 stayed afloat long enough so all 155 passengers and crew were rescued.

Goodbye, US Airways. We’ll miss you.


Updated: October 7, 2015