Three Women Kicked Off Same AirTran Flight at Palm Beach Airport

A Florida TV station reports that three women, unknown to each other, were all kicked off the same AirTran flight Monday afternoon at the Palm Beach airport just before take-off to White Plains. In each case, the women reportedly did something to “anger” a flight attendant which led to their ouster.

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Why AirTran Ejected the Three Women

Here is what each of the three women did, according to WPTV:

  • Woman #1: She cautioned a flight attendant who was moving bags around in the overhead bin to be careful since she had “breakables” in her bag.
  • Woman #2: She told a flight attendant her seat was broken.
  • Woman #3: She protested the removal of Woman #1 and Woman #2.

All three women said they’d done nothing wrong, and blamed it on one male flight attendant. Said one of the plane’s ejectees, “I’ve never seen anything like!”

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Airline’s Explanation for Throwing Women Off Plane

A statement released by Southwest, which acquired AirTran last year, seemed to back up the crew member, but at the same time, acknowledged that it “compensated” the passengers for their inconvenience:

“Our crew assessed the environment onboard and ultimately decided to accommodate the passengers on an alternative flight. In addition to booking new travel arrangements, we compensated the passengers – offering a gesture of goodwill for their inconvenience. We always prefer that a passenger walk away with a positive experience when flying our airline, we regret that didn?t happen in this scenario.” -Southwest spokesperson

Perhaps the women will find their professional callings useful in dealing with this incident. One is a therapist. Another is a retired travel agent. The third is a lawyer.


Published: December 6, 2011