Three of the Cheapest U.S. Ski Destinations

Travelers looking for a winter break should know that skiing and snowboarding destinations are running about 30 percent less than flights to beaches.

Find Cheap Flights to Ski Resorts

Ranking Cheaper Ski Destinations

The cheapest mountain destinations in the U.S. are in the northeast and the Rockies:

  1. Boston
  2. Denver
  3. Salt Lake City

The Reno/Tahoe area is running in fourth place at the moment.

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Airfare analyst Rick Seaney notes that Boston is one of the cheapest destinations in the country right now, helped by robust competition plus its JetBlue hub. As for Denver, he says it’s almost “ridiculously” cheap right now.

Flights to Small ‘Ski’ Airports will Cost More

The western U.S. also boats a host of smaller airports leading directly to some of the finest skiing anywhere including facilities at Aspen and Vail, but flyers will pay a premium for such convenience – as much as an extra $150 to $200.

See Rick Seaney chat with the hosts of Good Morning Texas about other strategies to find cheap flights to popular ski destinations.


Published: February 10, 2012