The Randomizer – Coming Soon (Maybe) to an Airport Near You

The Randomizer may sound like a lame sci-fi movie title but it could help create bias-free lines at airport security and possibly thwart would-be bad guys.

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TSA Seeks Info on Line Funneler

According to Government Security News, the TSA is looking into electronic devices that would randomly sort passengers – or funnel them – into various queues, which may lead to fewer instances real or perceived bias and could possibly thwart those who seek to game security measures by trying to select certain lines or conveyor belts to put belongings on.

In its request to vendors for ideas and information about such hardware, the security agency wants something small, portable and visible that would simply direct passengers (via arrows, perhaps) in a random yet methodical way using “defined percentage ratios.”

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Latest Catches: 30 Loaded Guns

In the meantime, using its current un-random system, the TSA is making its share of catches: last week alone, security officers confiscated 13 stun guns, several knives including one hidden in a pillow and another in a shoe, plus 38 guns – 30 of which were loaded.


Published: July 16, 2013