The Nicest Airline Story You’ll Hear All Year

First of all, thanks to Consumerist for passing this along. It involves a woman who was on a Delta flight and wound up going home on Alaska Airlines because of one very kind Alaska employee.

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Nicest Story – Thanks, Alaska

A Vancouver woman went to California on Delta for a business trip last week, but there were numerous delays including mechanical issues that ultimately led to a diverted flight and an unexpected overnight stay in a Portland, Ore. hotel (paid for by vouchers from Delta). The woman did make her business appointment. Then came the flight home.

This was even bumpier. For reasons that are unclear but likely related to the problems of the outbound flight, Delta allegedly canceled at least part of the woman’s ticket leaving her stranded in Seattle instead of home in Vancouver.

Apparently, this disappointment was seen/heard by a nearby Alaska reservations person, who found a flight for the woman and – hold on! – paid for it with her personal credit card.

The Alaska employee told co-workers she was just “paying it forward”.

Nice, huh?


Published: March 24, 2015