The Cheapest Airfares of the Week

If you were thinking of a fall vacation, now is the time because of an abundance of advertised and unadvertised deals that will get you on a cheap flight across the country or around the world. Take a look:

FareCompare Exclusive, Hand-Picked Flight Deals

If you haven’t yet signed up for hand-picked FareCompare deals from your home airport via Twitter, here a perfect example of why you should:

This is an excellent airfare price for the Dallas-Los Angeles route, the best we’ve seen in a long while, but don’t expect these prices to last. Those who receive FareCompare tweets learn about these deals first, and being first is the name of the game when it comes to finding cheap flights.

JetBlue and Virgin American Flight Deals

These carriers are two of the most popular discount airlines and a constant presence on those “best airline” lists; here are some of the deals that reveal why they are such favorites:

  • JetBlue Deals from $39+ each-way (not including taxes/fees); good for travel through mid-Nov.
  • Virgin America Deals from $49+ each-way (not including taxes/fees); good for travel Sept./Oct.

Delta and US Airways Cheap Flights to Europe

Both of these airlines are featuring very good airfares to Europe, with US Airways focusing on London, while Delta has deals to cities all over the continent and the UK. Best of all, these cheap airfares are good from a wide range of U.S. cities, both big and small.

  • Delta Sale: Europe from $647 round-trip total; book by Sept. 28, fly through April
  • US Airways Sale: London from $676 round-trip total; book by Sept. 19, fly through November

Remember, flight deals this good do not last so if you like what you see, book now.

American Airlines U.S. Cities Sale

A smorgasbord of great deals to cities across the country, starting at just $59+ each-way (not including all taxes/fees). Book by Sept. 22, and fly through mid-December.

Keep up to date with all the airfare sales and exclusive hand-picked cheap flights on the FareCompare Deals Blog.


Updated: February 10, 2016