The Best Airline Lounges in the World

If you think a free drink or a shower is the ultimate luxury perk of an airline VIP lounge, you’re way out of touch. According to a news report from NBC and FareCompare’s own research, that’s standard. Today’s perks include cigar bars and pizza.

Best Airport Lounges in the World

According to the respected World Airline Awards for 2014, these carriers have the best VIP lounges.

Best First Class Lounges

Best Business Class Lounges

1. Air France 1. Qatar Airways
2. Lufthansa 2. Turkish Airlines
3. Cathay Pacific 3. Cathay Pacific


Now which airlines won overall top honors?

Best Lounge Perks

Some of the lounge services that caught our eye.

  • Virgin Atlantic

Virgin refers to its lounges as club houses and the one at Heathrow includes a spa where you can get your eyebrows waxed, your hair cut, or choose from a variety of massage therapies (including foot rubs) and facials. In the Den, you can play pool or “try your hand at the latest games on the retro video games consoles.”

  • Cathay Pacific

The Asian carrier’s new lounge at the Hong Kong airport called The Bridge features “timber flooring and luxurious carpet, with the overall impression reminiscent of a living room environment, with natural sunlight filtering through the floor to ceiling windows.” One wing of the lounge includes The Bakery which offers freshly baked bread and pizzas.

  • Air France

No one thing stands out at the Le Premiere lounge but maybe that’s because it all sounds so seamlessly pleasant, like the work/play room where you can use the Air France Press app to download newspapers and magazines from around the world for free. There’s a spa, too, but we like the sound of their “delectable cuisine” including wines and meals from chef Alain Ducasse.

  •  Lufthansa

As NBC reports, the German flagship carrier’s rest-and-relaxation area at Frankfurt’s airport includes “a cigar lounge, personal assistants, day beds and a bathroom soaking tub that comes with champagne – and a rubber ducky.”

  • Turkish Airlines

The Istanbul club features “private relaxation rooms, showers with special toiletry kits, play room for children and private infant room.” Did we mention the made-to-order meals?


Updated: November 13, 2014