The Bag That Can't Get Lost

Veteran flyers have long advocated using carry-on bags, not so much because it’s cheaper (no checked-baggage fees), but because a bag that travels with you in the cabin cannot get lost. But what if your checked-bag couldn’t get lost either? That’s the concept behind Bag2Go.

Maybe we should amend that slightly – Bag2Go may go astray, but you’ll always know where it is.

Right bags vs. wrong bags

Bag Features GPS

The prototype from Airbus (the aircraft manufacturer) is called Bag2Go. It’s a hard-shell suitcase that includes what Gadget Review calls, “multiple redundancies” such as bar codes for you (and the airport) to scan, an RFID chip built into the bag for identification purposes and to link it to airport/airline bag tracking systems plus GPS so you know where the bag is during every step of its journey.

How it Works

According to a demonstration video by Design Q, the owner of the bag registers it online, then uses an app to scan the bag which can then be located at the touch of a screen. There are also instant notifications if the bag has been opened or tampered with in any way. Finally, the bag includes a built in scale so you don’t have to worry about overweight charges.

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The Downside

All these wonderful-sounding safeguards seem to ignore the distinct possibility of human error. Sure, you’ll always know where your Air2Go bag is, but if you’re landing in London while the bag is taking a detour to Beijing, you’re still in a bind. It’s not lost per se, but it doesn’t do you much good. And what if it is being tampered with, but you’re not physically present – what can you do about it? On the other hand, the built-in safeguards would seem to reduce the potential for problems.

Not for Sale Yet

There’s no word on when the bag will be available to the general public and it’s not yet clear if it will be for sale or rent. Some travel sites have suggested it could cost 20% more than a regular suitcase, but no one knows for sure. However, there does seem to be a market for such a bag. Are you interested?

Image: Bag2Go via Design Q


Published: June 11, 2013